Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ ( I have Bought a deal )


Q: I've ordered a Voucher, what happens now?

A: For most deals you are straightaway set a voucher, you will be sent an email with redemption instructions and your printable Voucher(s). You can also check your voucher in your Crazeup account in My Vouchers section.


Q: I can't log in

A: Firstly reset your password here: 

If you do that and the site tells that you don't have an account - but you know you have bought - then it may be that there was an error in the email address when you bought. Get in touch and we'll sort it out for you.


Q: I can't open the pdf file.

A: Download and install the latest version of adobe acrobat reader here by clicking on the link  and the PDF will open fine.


Q: How do I get my goods?

A: Each deal is different but the full instructions on what you need to do to get your goods or services are always in the voucher itself and will involve passing the Voucher code to the merchant who is supplying the goods. Details of how to redeem your voucher can be seen before you buy in the Full Details of every deal.


Q: My code doesn't work, I can't redeem.

A: Check that the code you are using matches the code on the voucher exactly. Make sure you've followed the instructions on the Voucher exactly too. Also if you've tried to use a code as soon as you've received your voucher, then please wait for few hours and try again as the code might still be under the process of activation. If you are still having trouble then contact us.



Q: How can I get a refund?

A: Sadly, We do not make a refund until some of the serious optional cases. Kindly contact the help center for further details.


Q: Where are my goods?

A: Delivery timings are always laid out on the Voucher you receive, and in the Full Details section of each deal. If you have redeemed properly and still not received the goods after that delivery window has expired then contact the merchant directly with as much info as you can give them. If you're still having trouble then contacts us.


Q: My Voucher has expired can I get a refund?

A: Sadly not. Expiry dates are made very clear on the Voucher itself, and they must be used before the expiry date passes.


Q: I'm not happy with the deal

A: We choose our merchants very carefully but if you do have a complaint then let us knows and we'll do what we can to resolve it.


Q: Can I change the delivery address?

A: For a mail order deal you will give your address to the merchant when you redeem the Voucher. It doesn't matter if it's different from the billing address that you give to us.


Q: Who do I contact if I want to return my product?

A: If you have received a wrong product or in a damaged condition, you would need to contact the merchant who supplied it to you directly. There is sadly no refund or money back in any cases.

Still looking for help. Please visit


FAQ - I've not bought anything yet.


Is Crazeup safe?
Undoubtedly. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers. Your personal and credit card or debit card details are safe at all times. If you have an further question, please email us to 


Q: What is a Voucher?

A: You're buying a Voucher from us, a voucher which gives you the right to enjoy the goods or services from the merchant at a massive discount. Crazeup features unbeatable deals on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in your city each day. By guaranteeing businesses a minimum number of customers, we get discounts you won't find anywhere else.


Q: Do I have to sign up a group of people I know to get the deal?

A: Nope - You'll probably want to invite people anyway, though - Crazeup is always fun to use with friends or a great way to make new ones.


Q: I like today's deal - how do I get it?

A: Just click "BUY" before the deal ends and before we sell out! Once the deal has closed, if we accept your order we will e-mail you a printable Voucher that you can use for the deal in question (check the valid from and valid until dates).


Q: When can I use my Voucher?

A: All Vouchers have an expiry date (also known as a "until/to" date). The participating business may have other restrictions which will be set out both in the Fine Print before you buy a deal and on the voucher itself. Often it is necessary to make a reservation with the participating business to use your voucher.


Q: Can I buy a voucher as a gift for someone else?

A: Yes. Unless the Fine Print specifically states otherwise, gift away.


Q: If I don't use the full value of the Voucher in one visit, can I use the remainder later?

A: No. Unless otherwise stated, Sadly you will not receive a credit or cash back for whatever you don't use.


Q: Can I combine my Voucher with other offers or specials?

A: No, not unless the Voucher specifically states otherwise.


Q: When am I billed for my Voucher?

A: As soon as you click "buy".


Q: How safe is the Voucher purchase process?

A: At no time is your credit or debit card information stored on our servers. We use a third party payment processor to handle all payment processes securely and efficiently.


Q: I want to know more about the deal before I buy.

A: All the deal details are in the Full Details section on the deal page which will tell you everything you need to know.


Q: How do I check availability?

A: The contact details for the venue/merchant will be on the deal itself if you need to check specific dates and times.


Q: How many can I buy?

A: It varies from deal to deal, You do not have a limit until specified. Mostly you can buy a gift voucher in case  of limit per person.


Q: Will the deal be shipped abroad and how much will it cost?

A: You can check this directly with the supplier before you buy, contact details will be in the Full Details of the deal.


Q: What if the business for my Voucher closes down?

A: If the business closes down and your Voucher has not expired, we'll refund your money.


Q: How do I unsubscribe?

At the bottom of each daily deal alert that we send you will be an unsubscribe link, just click that.